Day 3: Endings (already)

Hordes of rats pour over the walls of Dunross, pony-sized rats fix their beady yellow eyes on the screaming citizens, the smell of blood fills the air as the massacre begins.
Our heroes pause to politely pay for their 29 bags of flour (because the GM forgot to make them pay for the 30th that Calen ruined) and very slowly urge their horses towards the gates to escape.
Chaos breaks out as swarms of rats attack the horses. Shenine uses her trusty and traitorous slingshot to dispatch the rats blocking the path to freedom. Our heroes start to kinda notice the cries of the citizens but really don’t care much. Wanheda jumps to their aid but quickly finds that a shortsword is no match for the writhing masses of rodents.
Bigger rats surround the wagon and it seems that all hope is lost as one horse succumbs to sharp fangs, but a few sweet arrow shots from Lynx and Screecher give the heroes hope.
Alf, using his many years of fighting inexperience, deftly fastens a trio of daggers to a rope and starts to swing it over his head easily dispatching another ponyrat.
The heroes continue to coax the horses forward (with another impressive roll from Shenine) as the rats continue to decimate the town. Several citizens break from their abodes to beg for the heroes help and are mostly ignored. However, large-hearted Lynx comes to the aid of a forlorn mother who is beside herself with gratitude. Unfortunately, Lynx and this mother are unaware of the black sea of rats approaching from the shadows. The lady drops her baby and it smartly rolls to safety.
Flour and screams cloud the air and only Alf is dimly (emphasis on dimly) aware that brave Lynx has gone under a wave of vermin. As the rats bite and scrape at her, their weight forcing her last bit of air from her lungs, Lynx hears a sharp twang and the bite of a blade. The blade pierces her ear, sticks fast and she starts to feel herself pulled out of the rat pile as Alf’s rope grows taught. Freedom!
Calen lets out a cheer as Lynx is pulled free, but alas the freeing blade appears to have slit Lynx’s artery! Blood gushes forth as Lynx quickly slips into her final sleep. Overcome with worry: the heroes nearest Lynx falter in their fight, but not Alf. He stays strong and drags Lynx’s helplessly dead body behind the wagon for the rest of the night and then steals her belongings.
As the wagon finally exits the gates the heroes have just enough time to spot Flora toking a cigar and spreading a protective ring of flowers around the town’s children. Will it be enough to ward from what is to come?
Barrells of oil are quickly rolled into the city one after another (Wanheda steals one). Without even a hint of remorse Screecher dips an arrow into the oil, takes aim, and arcs it into an oil barrell. The explosion is deafening as the entire town is engulfed in flames. The citizens that were summarily ignored let out a final scream which are also completely ignored by our ‘heroes’. Lynx’s body bounces roughly along the ground as the heroes drive the wagon towards Dalsetter, satisfied with a job well done.
Will our heroes be able to make up the money they’ve spent on flour? Will Screecher ever be able to mind-control a cranium rat? Wait, is Lynx really dead? Really? I mean, it’s only episode two. Why would you kill her?
These pressing questions and more will be answered next week in ‘Alf Get’s His Comeuppance.’


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